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TRICOM30, LLC, is a premier “Resiliency” consulting firm whose primary mission is to provide consultative services which assist individuals, organizations, small business and corporations become “Resilient” and maintain “Resilience” between life’s surprises. Its vision is to provide the number one resource for “Resiliency” and sustainment of “Resilience” services to first responders, social clubs, the ecumenical, and education communities.

  • Research Base Strategic Planning
  • Thorough Needs Assessment
  • Individualized Program Planning
  • Personalized Training
  • Implementation Impact Analysis
  • Implementation Support Services
  • Detailed Sustainment Support Services

Target Audiences

  • First Responders (Law Enforcement, Medical, & Military)- Self Care
  • Ecumenical- Serenity Focus
  • Educators- Mission Mapping Focus
  • Social Clubs- Communication Focus

Each target group will have an initial assessment and a curriculum tailored to their needs.


What is “Resilience”?


Resilient is the ability to strengthen individuals, groups, or organizations, building protective factors, and fostering a Culture of Optimal Performance to promote dependability, effective service, and organizational unity.

TRICOM30 provides policies, tools, and integrated training and resources to enhance resilience and optimize the performance of individuals, groups, or organizations. We are committed to continuing to strengthen individuals, groups, or organizations by enhancing their resilience by reinforcing Can Do values, beliefs, and attitudes. In addition, TRICOM30 educates individuals, groups, or organizations about the importance of building connections within their home and work environment, taking care of each other, and supporting family, co-workers and colleagues. Every person is a  valued member of a bigger team and critical to its functionality and collective  productivity. It’s every individuals’ responsibility and commitment to maintain personal “Resilience”.
Patricia Zollinger of Fullerton, and other Wilshire Avenue Community Church members, sings along with the church band during a service Sunday morning celebrating the church's 120th birthday.///ADDITIONAL INFO: fnt.wilshire.0131 - 01/27/13 - Photos by JEFFREY ANTENORE, FOR THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

Serenity Focus


10 hours evaluation of all departments, concludes with a leadership debrief. TRICOM30 prides itself in providing service support after the initial assessment.

There are several options for follow-up:

  • 3 Months (can be once or quarterly)
  • 6 Months (can be once or bi-annual)
  • 9 Months (must include one of the previous)
  • 12 Months (must include one of the previous follow-up options)
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